Active: 1993 - 2003 / 2009 - Present

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Current Members

Shuuji Ao Kenjiro
Ishii Shuuji (石井 秀仁) Sakurai Ao (桜井 青) Murai Kenjirou (村井 研次郎)
Vocals Guitar Bass
Previous Bands: Previous Bands: Previous Bands:
Dis-grais cali≠gari Eternal Flame
Malice Mizer [Roadie] KASHIMIYA (カシミヤ) [Session] cali≠gari
SAKRUN (さくらん) Preuve d'être MAG-NET
MADRIGAL (マドリガル) La'royque'de zavy La'royque'de zavy
cali≠gari Electric Panda。 (えれくとりっくぱんだ。) J-P-K PROJECT
La'royque'de zavy CUCKOO (カッコー) COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS
Chiba-shi (千葉市) HECTOR (ヘクトウ) THE CYCLE
Shuuji Ishii (石井 秀仁) (solo)

Previous Members

kureiju shin Shuuji1 mitsuo kazuya katsumi makoto
Kureiju (紅梁樹) Shin (真) Shuuji (秀児) Mitsuo (光雄) Kazuya (和也) Katsumi (克弥) Takei Makoto (武井 誠)
Vocalist Vocalist Vocalist Bass Bass Drums Drums
Previous Bands: Previous Bands: Previous Bands: Previous Bands: Previous Bands: Previous Bands: Previous Bands:
cali+gari cali+gari Jibaku (as 押谷"OSSY"賢 and 0441) VALEN SCHTEIN cali+gari cali≠gari Arktic Ocean
PARACHUTE² (パラシウト²) cali+gari (as Keiji (圭児)) KASHIMIYA (カシミヤ) Visée
AKA (赫) cali≠gari PARACHUTE² (パラシウト²) glad/g;lad (support) cali≠gari
retired Shuji (秀児) (solo project) cali≠gari as Mitsuo (光雄) Hospice (ほすぴす) LAB. THE BASEMENT
Majinai KASHIMIYA (カシミヤ) selfish (support cyanotype
PINK Bosatsu Preuve d'être KYO-ZON (共存) MIYAVI (support)
Mukade retired retired GOATBED
Gudou Takei Makoto (武井 誠) (solo)
Fu (歩-ふ-) the god and death stars (support)
xxGUN/JACKxx retired
ST.Shuji (ST.秀児) (solo)


1993 - 1995

cali≠gari began activities in June 1993 under the name cali+gari , formed by Ao Sakurai (ba.) and Katsumi(dr.). Soon after, they were joined by Keiji(ba.) and Kureiju(vo). December of that year, their first vocalist, Kureiju, leaves the band and is replaced by Shin. From there, they release Dai 1 Jikkenshitsu and Sennou, before bassist Keiji is replaced by Kazuya. The band pauses activity for a period as their vocalist, Shin, leaves, and then later that year, Keiji does as well.

1996 - 2000

cali≠gari officially resumes activities in April 1996. Several changes are made to the band, noteably switching their name into it's current iteration as cali≠gari. In addition, they also have Shuuji (秀児, the first Shuuji) join on vocals, along with ex-bassist Keiji returning under the name Mitsuo. However, Mitsuo does not last long, and leaves the band on September 28th, 1996. That same October, Kenjirou joins the band on support bass, later officially joining in May 1997. They have a long run with no member changes for quite a while, re-releasing previous singles with their new vocalist, as well as having their original vocalist, Shin, appear in a new lineup anniversary event. They also have their first one-man held on December 12th, 1997. It isn't until 1999 where they have another member change up, as drummer Katsumi leaves on Halloween, and is quickly replaced in November by Makoto. From that point, they go on to release several more albums/cds, such as Dai 4 Jikkenshitsu Kaichouban and Fuyu no Hi.

2000 - 2003

In June of 2000, cali≠gari looses contact with vocalist Shuuji during recording a new album. They manage to find a new vocalist, Ishii Shuuji (who is refered to often as "The other Shuuji"), and release the mini-album, Blue Film, a month later. In May of 2001, the band premiered their parody side project, La'royque'de zavy, and released "Moumokudearu ga Yue no THE Touitsu-kan". In 2002, the band officially had their major debut with "Dai 7 Jikkenshitsu Yokokuban -Maguro-", released in April 2002. They debuted under Gai Records, a subsidiary of Victor Entertainment. However, this major debut is short lived, as the band proceeded to go on indefinite hiatus on September 21st, 2003, following the release of the DVD, Kyuu. During this hiatus, all members of the band went on to perform in other bands (such as Shuuji's solo, goatbed, Ao and Makoto forming LAB.THE BASEMENT, and KenjiroU joining SEX MACHINEGUNS).

2009 - Present

After 6 years, cali≠gari announces the end to their hiatus, now signed to FlyingStar Records (another subsidiary of Victor Entertainment). From there, they preform revival shows, as well as go on to release new content, such as Jyuu (DVD), Saikyouiku, and Kyoujin Nikki, as well as release under their parody band again. On April 4th 2012, they announced going back to indies, along with forming a new fanclub called 'Kyakushitsu Neurose'. On September 27th 2014, drummer Makoto leaves the band and eventually retires from the scene. In January of 2015, the band announced it's return to a major label, this time under NIPPON COLUMBIA. From there, they go on to release several more singles/albums/DVDs, along with celebrating 10 years back in the scene, as well as a switch back to Victor Entertainment, on June 23rd, 2019. A few months later on August 31st, they celebrate 25 years with the band with a one-man tour, cali≠gari 25th Caliversary"1993-2019" Oawaranai Natsu no Densetsu-tachi e... ~Can't Stop ga Tomaranai! On July 28th, 2020, cali≠gari held a two-man live with deadman, which was supposed to parle into a two-man tour. However, these subsequent dates were postponed due to COVID-19. The band goes on to continue releasing new music, with -Blue Film Revival- and 15 Yokokuban. They were finally able to hold their tour with deadman on June 13th, 2021, along with releasing a coupling CD/DVD, Shikeidai no Elevator ~The Beginning~, which was originally sold at lives before being made available in limited quantity online.